Services Vary By Location
Services Vary By Location

Team Wellness

Team Wellness provides a space for you to feel inspired, supported, and accountable. Individuals are assigned to a focused and concentrated group with similar goals. Experience a shame free and guilt free environment around wellness where individuals can feel comfortable and share common experiences. Weekly meetings are monitored by a Wellness Coach that will keep the group on track, administer questionnaires, and group activities. In hope of achieving goals of individuals and group simultaneously and sharing triumphs. Benefits include access to pool of resources from all group members, encouragement, and assistance in carrying out plan of action, opportunities to communicate with and motivate team members and more. To receive all these benefits, you must have an ASA Wellness Journey 12-Month Subscription.

We have developed the following videos to ensure full understanding of our Wellness Program and Team Wellness. This will explain the different components of each service and how it is works.

ASA Wellness Program

ASA Team Wellness

We hope that all concerns have been addressed, but as always reach out with any additional questions. Please review our payment options below and contact us to get started with this program.

Intake Session

$ 30 / One-Time Fee

INITIAL Individual Intake Session with Wellness Coach

Premium Plan

$ 40 / Mo

Placement within a Wellness Team of 10 participants or less with similar goals

Weekly 1 HOUR sessions: zoom call with group and Wellness Coach

Access to pool of resources from all group members

Individual and group activities to stay focused throughout the week



Please note that a ASA Wellness 12 Month Package is required to sign up for Team Wellness.

Email Check-Ins - $10/mo
Chat with Wellness Coach individually, limit 1 per week

The Greatest Investment You Will Ever Make Is In Your Health.