Services Vary By Location
Services Vary By Location

In-Person Services

We Provide The Following

In-Person Services


Used to assist in establishing a baseline for various health conditions. By obtaining this information employees and employers can better determine the best course of action to take in achieving optimal health.

Health Fairs and Wellness Events

Events of any size and budget can be organized to meet the client goals. ASA Wellness offers a variety of preventative health screening services. Activities and materials to assist in educating participants on a variety of topics are also available.

Lab Work

Numerous onsite lab services are available. All testing is sent to a major laboratory and results sent directly to the patients via a secured personal account within 5-7 business days.

Non-Invasive Screenings

Depending on location, ASA Wellness provides equipment and staffing for various non-invasive health screenings. Services may be offered individually or as a discounted package.

Non-Profit Organizations

Discounted rates are available for 501(c) organizations that would like to offer services to their members or those attending events they are sponsoring.


Events may be arranged with a portion of the proceeds going to the organizational cause.

Where Awareness is the Key to Health

Many health issues people face can be prevented or controlled by implementing healthy life style choices. Participating in various wellness programs give guidelines by which one may set goals and stay on track of their health to achieve a desired level.