Services Vary By Location
Services Vary By Location

Take Action

Now it’s time to put this information to use by setting wellness goals, accessing resources, and more. We will break down the various opportunities ASA Wellness has to take action.

Health Shelf

Within your WellSuite portal, you will see ‘Health Shelf’ – Here you will find a variety of health topics, each with quick and easy tools to support your wellness journey. You will find detailed articles, how-to guides, self-checks, trackers, challenges, and even healthy recipes to apply to your everyday life. 

Wellness Tools

On our site home page you will see Wellness Tools in the menu, additionally you will find this link on your Report in the right hand upper corner. Here you will find the same categories that are on your HRA. Each with practical Wellness Tools to assist in achieving and maintaining wellness goals. This includes app and product suggestions, as well as portable handouts that you can reference at any time. Each section directly correlates with those on the HRA, for clear and handy guidance.

Team Wellness

Looking to for support within your wellness journey? With Team Wellness you will find a space for you to feel inspired, supported, and accountable. Individuals are assigned to a focused and concentrated group with similar goals. Weekly meetings are monitored by a Wellness Coach that will keep the group on track, administer questionnaires, and group activities.

Wellness Coaching

Want to work closely a certified Wellness Coach? With Wellness Coaching you can create a plan that is specific to your desires and assistance in reaching your highest potential for health. Sessions will consist of determining and clarifying goals, developing a plan of action, implementation of tools and methods and much more along the way.

We Are Here For You

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to help!